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Threeboxes Accounting is a boutique accountancy firm, focused entirely on freelancers, start-ups and small businesses.

At Threeboxes Accounting, we understand what freelancers and small businesses need, so that’s what we do.

In fact, that’s all we do.

  • Getting you paid – a hot topic, right? Fear not, ThreeBoxes Accounting can run your payroll, prepare dividend paperwork and help you pay yourself. 
  • Getting your taxes right – no scary tax surprises here! We’ll give you a monthly calculation of estimated tax bill for both corporation tax and personal tax purposes. Our clients love this!
  • Making sure you stay friends with HRMC – Meet your new best friend! We will file your limited company accounts, confirmation statements, and corporation tax returns for you, on time, every time. 

Our service is ‘all-in’, with packages to suit even the smallest of start-ups. Our fee structure will always be transparent: you pay for exactly what you need, depending on you and your business, and never more.

What we

stand for

Everything you need (and nothing more)

Threeboxes Accounting excel at everything freelancers and small business owners need to get their accounting right. And we keep things simple – no intricate loopholes or surprise payments.

You are just as important as your numbers

No more faceless accountancy services. At Threeboxes Accounting, we want to know the person behind the business. After all, you’re in the driving seat

Never fear HMRC!

That means no more late-night Googling. No more asking your accountant a question and feeling even more confused by the answer. Threeboxes Accounting has customer service at its heart

We just ‘get it’

At Threeboxes Accounting, we know just what it takes to run a business. We are equally aware how little most people know about accounting and taxes. That’s where we come in

Hello, it’s great to meet you… 

My name is Nicole Zalys, ex-big 4 Chartered Accountant, small business owner (just like you) and mum of two great kids. I really love working for myself: the flexibility of fitting work around life (not the other way around!). My passion (aside from music, travelling and running) is to help people like you – small business owners and freelancers – feel at ease running your own company.

Threeboxes Accounting have a home in West Dulwich. We love welcoming you to our space – to chat about your business, review your accounts, or just for a cheeky cup of tea. 

Freelancers and Small Business Owners:

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